Customer Reported Side Effects

We place all of our customer reported side effects on this page. This page is updated when calls are reported.

*Customer purchased 60 day Yodi butt kit- Call reported 11/05/12
Customer stated had a headache using the product. Later found out she was doubling on the daily pill required intake because she was excited when started seeing results.

*Customer purchased 90 day Yodi butt kit- Call reported 12/17/12
Customer called because she has been on the product for 2 weeks and has gained 3 inches in her hips she was concerned the results was too rapid and wanted to know could she lower the daily pill intake. 

*Customer purchased 30 day Yodi butt pills- Call reported 12/26/12
Customer stated that her breast grew instead of her butt. 

*Unknown what customer purchased. There was no call reported just review under 30 day butt kit. 1/14/13
Customer stated in review she began to get dry patches on my skin and also experienced back pains.

**Update on call reported on 1/14/13 she was taking too many pills per day. She was told to lower her pill intake. 

*Customer purchased 90 day Yodi Butt kit- Call reported 3/17/2013
Customer stated everything seemed to be going as planned but I started getting bumps on my butt.


Bumps turned to rash and rash turned to hives and itchy 'assets'. Due to my allergic reaction I am unable to know the products full value.

*Customer purchased 60 day Yodi Butt kit- Call reported 3/28/2013

Customer stated that her breast was changing one was bigger than the other. 

*Customer purchased 30 day Yodi Butt kit- Call reported 4/9/2013
Customer stated that she started getting black heads on her butt.