How Does It Work?

How  Booty Boost & Cream Works

Yodi butt and breast products are made out of the African yodi root and evening primrose and other natural herbs. Our yodi Boost ingredients are shipped to us from Africa. The Yodi boost and creams are made from top quality ingredients.

The yodi butt boost grow fat in your thigh, butt, and hip area. The butt cream works with the boost to grow fat to your desired areas faster.The fat wont come from other areas on your body the fat will come from the food you eat. So calories that you eat while on the products will turn into fat that will be deposited to your desired areas of butt, hips, and thighs.This is why your current weight will stay the same while on the products just your desired area body measurements will increase.


Normally the boost alone takes 3-4 weeks to start seeing noticeable results using the boost and cream together takes 2-3 weeks to see noticeable results sometimes sooner. This is why we recommend all our new customers to purchase the kit but whether you purchase a kit or not we here at Dior Divas will provide top notch service to get you the desired results that you want. We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards, Western Union/MoneyGram & Cash App as payment methods. 

 *Some Ingredients may contain peanuts and wheat*

During the first 2-3 weeks you will notice your butt lift and after that time fat will begin to develop in your butt, hips and thigh area. These products DONOT contain any chicken products or steroids. The products are natural and feed off the food you intake. It is important you eat fruits, peanut butter, and foods that are not too high in fat while on the yodi products. 

Feel free to visit our before & after photos or call our customer service at 1-386-275-8563 to speak to a live agent. If no one answers please leave a message we will respond within 12-24hrs. Thanks ladies and HAPPY growing!!

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