Meet The CEO

Dior Divas, LLC was founded July 2012 by Tye Downing. She is the Author of "Urban Girl Chronicles: Love & Loyalty", "Money, Power & Success". She has a hustlers mentality and strive to make her dreams & goals a reality. Tye loves writing, online shopping & thinking of new ideas for many streams of income. Dior Divas has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Every year we re-brand to give our customers a ever lasting changing experience. We strive to help you along the way to not only get the Yodi dream body of your life but to maintain it. We will be in passenger seat the entire way of your Yodi process. Tye is always looking to link up with other Authors or business owners for opportunities. So if you or someone you know have any ideas email Make sure before you leave our website be sure to visit our "I'm Bossy" page and check out all the business owners and their products.

"I have the mindset If the CEO of Amazon can become a Trillionaire so can I" ~Tye~