Lipgloss Starter Kit. Everything you need to start that kipgloss business you have always dreamed of.

**Please read ENTIRELY before ordering**


+ 4oz jar of Versagel lip gloss base

+ 8 empty lipgloss squeeze tubes

+ 2 pipettes 

+ 30ml syringe

+ 4oz jar of sugar scrub base

+ 4 (1oz empty jars w/ lids)

+ 1 pair of gloves

+ 1 color (choice red, blue, gold, blue)

+ 1 your choice of 1 Herb OR 1 Scented oil


**Video lipgloss making instructions will be emailed to you**


Herbs choice:

Chamomile: Fades spots, fights acne break outs.

 Horsetail: Heals rashes, fights anti-aging.

 Catnip: Promotes health skin. Reduces anxiety.

 turmeric: Helps with blemishes. Has anti-batcterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Scented Oil Choice: Pineapple, coconut, strawberry, cotton candy


**Make sure in note section on checkout you indicate what color you want, which choice of herb or scented oil. If nothing is listed you will be sent items of MY choice. 


Lipgloss Starter Kit

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